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Re-imagining small spaces - Interview with Colin Chee from Never Too Small

Colin Chee founded Never Too Small, a YouTubeChannel with currently 2.3 million subscribers on small footprint living and reimagining small spaces. By today, NTS has grown to a company where Colin works as the Artistic Director. Recently, even a book has been published - and there is a TV show in the making.

In this episode, we speak about sustainability, about Colins job as an Artistic Director and about his life: how he got to where he is today. Since he was the first guest on my podcast who asked me about my insecurities, I have chosen this episode for being the two-year-anniversary-episode, yay! Definitely listen to this episode if you are into sustainability, TinyHouses, art, music and if you want to learn from a great visionary. It has been an honor talking to Colin. Thank you!

Enjoy listening!

We are looking forward to reading from you what you gained from this interview.

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